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Canine Freestyle, sometimes known as
Dog Dancing or Heelwork To Music,
is a sport for those who love dogs and music.

When you watch the dog moving to the beat of the music, you will see graceful and intricate manoeuvres performed with precision and artistry.

Every movement is accomplished through the subtle use
of verbal cues and body language.

This sport is also an excellent discipline to illustrate
the conformation and movement of the dog.
The dog and handler team choreograph their performances to a variety of music, illustrating their training and joyful relationship.

Our aims are to promote this sport through :-

Kennel Club licensed Competitions

Liaising with other like-minded organisations and clubs

Advertising of Training Shows throughout GB
Fully updated calendar of events and Newsletters for members
Reduced Entry Fees for Canine Freestyle GB Competitions

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The reach, drive and beauty of an athletic, trained dog moving to music can take one's breath away
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