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The Kennel Club has clarified the appropriate class, which dogs not resident in the UK should enter at Heelwork to Music or Freestyle Competitions held in the UK under a Kennel Club licence.

All non-resident dogs should be entered in Novice classes, unless the dog is currently competing in the lowest class or grade in their own country, in which case the dog may be entered in Starters classes.

Although there is at present no formal specification of equivalent qualifications between different countries in Heelwork to Music and Freestyle, the Kennel Club has been made aware that in the past some non-resident dogs have been entered in Starters classes although they had qualified out of the basic level in their own country. This is felt to be inappropriate and unfair to other competitors in Starters classes.

To become eligible to compete in Intermediate or Advanced classes in the UK, non-resident dogs will have to obtain the number of points at Kennel Club licensed competitions which are specified in the Heelwork to Music Regulations. These are 16 points or more in Novice classes to be eligible for Intermediate, and 20 points or more and at least one first place in Intermediate competitions to be eligible for Advanced classes.

For further information, contact the Canine Activities Team at the Kennel Club, CAT@thekennelclub.org.uk.


29th May 2012


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