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Westlgen HTM CLUB
22nd 23rd March 2014


Advanced  HTM
1st Lucy Creek—Harriott Skiffle King  29.60
2nd Kath Hardman—Stillmoor Lady In Red  28.10
3rd  Susan Dooney—Murphy Mischief  27.15
4th Ann Derrizio—Stillmoor Show Stopper  21.65
5th  Michelle Dodson—Kinaway Doctor Kildare  20.90
6th  Annette Lowe—Jucando Newsflash  20.05

Advanced HTM Part 2
1st Kath Hardman—Stillmoor Extra Special  24.25
2nd  Lucy Heath—Stillmoor Winter Sun  22.85
3rd  Helen Dennis—Goddess Spring Of Jucando  22.70
4th  Annette Lowe—Kinaway Mystic Spires  22.60
5th  Helen Taylor—Stillmoor Silk N’ Satin  21.30
6th Karen Sykes—Iatka Spring Spangle  22.00

Intermediate HTM
1st  Lesley Neville- Brambledale Blue Dewy
2nd Cathy Bates – Rushath Lyrical Image
3rd  Helen Taylor-Bankshill Lord of The Rings is PurePixie
4th  Margaret Jarman- Broad Beach Maisie
5th Jill Davis- Rosmarinus Cinnabar At Glidersway
6th Jeanette Fyfe- Enlivya Angel Nathanael

Novice HTM
1st  Joanna Mayston- Mists Of Tawny
2nd   Tina Humphrey- Bluecroft Amazing Grace
3rd Christina Oxtoby-Legacy’s Heaven Sent Shai
4th Coral Beardmore- Sultans Guide
5th Linda Webster- Isabella Gal
6th Mary Stokes – Maximus Amicum

Advanced Freestyle
1st Nicci Hindson- Ravestar Scarlet Dancer
2nd Kath Hardman- September Spice
3rd Lucy Creek- Dialynne Making Waves
4th Lucy Creek – Harriot Skiffle King
5th Christina Oxtoby  Legacys Eze Ezekiel
6th  Margaret Jarman- Broad Beach Lucy

Intermediate Freestyle
1st Lesley Neville –Brambledale Blue Dewy
2nd Kim Lyddon – Canen You Said What
3rd Kerstin Kerr- Ritterburg Oregano
4th Mark Collins- Lady Blaze Of Snowdonia
5th Iris Maxfield- Just Call Me Rolo
6th Lynn  Crook- Georgetta Spring

Novice Freestyle Part 1
1st Joanna Mayston- Mists Of Tawny
2nd  Diane Jones- Tawnabawn Astrantia
3rd  Helen Taylor – Bankshill Lord Of The Rings is PurePixie
4th  Mary Muxworthy – Gwynion Solo
5th  Jenny Knudson- Kelgrove Man In Blue
6th  Erica Hyde- Delark Laurelin Quickstep

Novice Freestyle Part 2
1st   Cathy Bates- Ruscath Lyrical Image
2nd  Annette Lowe – Kinaway Mystic Spires
3rd Linda Webster- Isabella Gal
4th  Sue Brown- Bashful Bertie
5th  Mrs M. Lowman—Beautiful Foxy lady
6th  Bev Boughton—Dobby Dances With Socks


Starters Freestyle
1st Emily Crookes—Borderpride Love Acutally
2nd  Mrs T.K. Cottrell—Chaos Pitz Break Every Rule
3rd  Meryl Haigh—Trevellis Pure Heaven
4th  Naomi Evans—Tri This
5th  Emma Reynolds—Millicent White Diamond
6th  Anne Taylor—Rudi Two Shoes

Novice Freestyle
1st  Cathy Bates—Rushath Lyrical Image
2nd  Joanne Mayston—Mists Of Tawny
3rd  Linda Webster—Isabella Gal
4th Carole Turton—Blue Boy Of Willingham
5th  Carole Hill—Grinshill Houdini
6th  Mrs M. Lowman—Beautiful Foxy Lady

Intermediate Freestyle
1st Kim Lyddon—Canen You Daid What
2nd  Lesley Neville—Brambledale Blue Dewy
3rd  Kerstin Kerr—Ritterburg Oregano
4th  Janice Gibbons—Aritaur Aphrodite
5th  Lynn Crook—Georgetta Spring
6th  Andrea Champ—Sunshine In Happy Valley

Starters HTM
1st  Claire Hitchins—Stormbeck Flicker Of Gold
2nd  Kerstin Kerr—Ritterburg American Dream
3rd  Carole Turton—Lucil Worth The Wait
4th MaggiePowis – Amberwave FReckles
5th  Meryl Haigh – Trevellis True Promise
6th Alison Hitchins – Bordadale A Blush Of Coral

Novice HTM Part 1
1st Andrea Rogers—Higglety Pigglety Goose
2nd  Barbara Bury—The Young Pretender
3rd  Gill Crawford—Matilda Muddle Mutt
4th  Erica Hyde—Laurelin Andante
5th   Alison Sinclair—Barrabrae Misty Dancer Of Siochail
6th  Jacquie Riddell—Ralph Shuh Maker

Novice HTM Part 2
1st  Tina Humphrey—Bluecroft Amazing Grace
2nd Emily Crookes—Borderpride Love Actually
3rd  Coral Beardmore—Sultans Guide
4th  Linda Webster—Isabella Gal
5th Iris Maxfield—just Call Me Rolo
6th Betty Keepax—Danehaven Ellice

Intermediate  HTM
1st Lelsey Neville—Brambledale Blue Dewy
2nd  Cathy Bates –Rushath Lyrical Image
3rd  Janice Gibbons—Aritaur Aphrodite
4th  Elaine Jubb—Standrise Girl
5th Jill Davis—Rosmarinus Cinnabar At Glidersway
6th  Jeanette Fyfe—Enlivya Angel Nathanel      

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