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North Derbyshire Dog Agility Club

(held under Kennel Club Rules and Regulations L)

held at
The Essex Dog Training Centre, Doddinghurst Road, Brentwood, Essex,
ON SATURDAY 4th February 2006

Class 1 Starters Freestyle (17 Entries)Sponsored by Gina Pink
1st 24.3 Sally Noble with Myndoc Silver Bangles, Sheltie
2nd 23.0 Lorraine Thomas with Cheshmere Katie, WSD
3rd 21.3 Louise Ince with Thurbajen’s I’m Spencer, Labrador
4th 20.5 Cathy Bates with Bertha Herb, GSD/Cross
5th 19.8 Pat Parsons with Redcoat Spike, WSD
6th 18.9 Pauline Peters with Pale Rider, ESS
7th 17.6 Christina Oxtoby with Ichthus CalebAntony, Great Dane
8th 17.0 Chris Storer with Wurley Gigg Midnight Jester, BC


Class 2 Novice Freestyle Part 1 (13 Entries) Sponsored by Mary Moffat
1st 27.2 Audrey Tuck with Jacobean Jaunter, Miniature Schnauzer
2nd 25.3 Nina Gibson with Ready Steady Zebbi, WSD
3rd 24.7 Mo Aegerter with Ruffwood Stormy Angel, Yorkie Cross
4th 20.5 Venetia McVeigh with Saramak Dancing Water, WSD
5th 20.4 Carol Mortimer with Danny Dances Daintily, German Spitz
6th 19.0 Penny Draper with Delark Songbird, BSD Terv
7th 18.2 Barbara Pointer with Bedellus Demelza, Papillon
8th 16.7 Pauline Graystock with That’s My Boy Barley Bright, Papillon


Class 2 Novice Freestyle Part 2 (12 Entries) Sponsored By Frances Cobb
1st 25.5 Sarah Reed with Seven Eleven, Crossbreed
2nd 25.2 Alison Davidson with My Girl Milly, WSD
3rd 23.6 Jackie Clarke with Chocolate Sensation, Staffi Cross
4th 22.9 Glory Lynham with Lady Magdalana of Warren
5th 22.1 Martin Briggs with Snow Man Rossi, WSD
6th 21.0 Carol Mortimer with Pennypot The Shadow Man, German Spitz
7th 20.9 Annette Lowe with Jucando Newsflash, BC
8th 19.4 Pauline Graystock with Powdermill Ace Touch, Papillon

Class 3 Intermediate Freestyle (8 Entries) Sponsored by Aaron and Janet Peacock
1st 28.5 Jackie Clarke with Cafcoll Brite Dreams, BC
2nd 28.2 Kath Hardman with September Spice, Cross
3rd 27.2 Carol Wallace with Tilda the Terrible, JRT

Class 4 Starters Heelwork To Music (8 Entries)

Sponsored by Audrey Tuck

1st 17.4 Louise Ince with Thurbajan’s I’m George, Labrador
2nd 17.1 Cathy Bates with Bertha Herb, GSD Cross
3rd 15.1 Eve Nichols with Gypsy Blue, BCxBeardie


Class 5 Novice Heelwork To Music (11 Entries)
Sponsored by Penny Draper
1st 27.4 Carole Dodson with Kinaway Doctor Watson, BC
2nd 25.4 Ruth Dunning with Pixholme Playmate, BC
3rd 25.0 Glory Lynham with Lady Magdelana of Warren, WSD
4th 24.8 Lesley Neville with Angus, Working Beardie
5th 22.9 Alison Davidson with Coltreiver Contender, Crossbreed
6th 10.9 David Lamb with Calvados Robinson Crusoe, Newfoundland


Class 6 Intermediate Heelwork To Music (7 Entries)
Sponsored by Venetia McVeigh
1st 28.3 Kath Hardman with Reflexions of Ginger, WSD
2nd 27.2 Kath Hardman with September Spice, Crossbreed
3rd 26.8 Carol Wallace with Last of the Summer Wine, PRT
4th 26.3 Kerry Lancaster with Poppypickles Taverner, Beagle
5th 26.0 Mary Muxworthy with Collywobble Celtic Harry, WSD
6th 23.5 Carole Dodson with Kinaway Doctor Foster, BC
7th 21.4 Martin Briggs with Red Hot Parafanalia, WSD


The Peggie Allen Memorial Trophy for the “Popular Choice”
Photos of winners
Audrey Tuck - A worthy Winner

Canine Freestyle GB would like to thank all participants, spectators, helpers and sponsors and supporters.

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