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21st & 22nd March 2015

Heelwork To Music/Canine Freestyle KC Registered Competition

Intermediate HTM
1st       Kristine Hodgson          Detania Devine Charm    24.35
2nd      Martin Briggs                Wildsea Dash Of Hope  24.20
3rd      Linda Webster              Isabella Girl                24.05
4th      Christina Oxtoby          Legacy’s Heaven Sent   23.20
5th      Valerie Perkins             Leonardo De Capriole    22.50
6th      Wendy Allison              Pied Boy                       22.25              
Advanced HTM
1st       Lucy Creek                Harriot Skiffle King     27.57
2nd      Kath Hardman            Stillmoor Lady In Red   24.70
3rd      Kath Hardman            Stillmoor Extra Special 24.53
4th      Annette Lowe            Kinaway Mystic Spires  24.20
5th      Cathy Bates              Ruskath Lyrical Image   24.60
6th      Joanna Mayston        Mists Of Tawny            24.40

Novice HTM Part 1
1st       Alison  Wilde        Shemelia Badgers Moon  21.30
2nd      Gail Avery            Beach Bum Bertie            20.80
3rd      Diane Jones         Ivenza’s  Little Dancer    20.00
4th      Heather Smith      Yaree Dancing On Ice     19.40
5th      Emma Yardley       Stillmoor Flynner Flyer  18.65
6th      Caroline Johnson    Moffatdale Dazzlin Sun  18.40

Novice HTM Part 2
1st       Heather Smith     Dare To Be A Daniel    24.10
2nd      Karen Sykes    Kingsfarm Spring Surprise    23.60
3rd      Marie Docherty Tri Cariad Pacha Belle Merin 19.70
4th      Lorraine Rohland      Moortime Moonbeam     19.25
5th      Chris Bennett         Go For Santinka           17.10
6th      Meryll Haigh          Trevellis Pure Heaven   16.90   

Advanced Freestyle
1st    Lucy Creek   Dialynne Making Waves 25.53
2nd   Kim Lyddon    Canen You Said What    25.33
3rd   Christina Oxtoby   Legacy’s Eze Ezekiel  24.77
4th   Anne Shuker    Splish Splash                23.63
5th   Cathy Bates    Ruskath Lyrical Image    23.53
6th   Angela Briggs    Wandering Coast To Coast 22.23

Intermediate Freestyle
1st    Ali  Buck    Darkly Dreaming Dexter   22.70
2nd    Karen Braden    Maisie Mae Blue Moon Dancer   21.50
3rd   Iris Maxfield   Just Call Me Rolo        21.50   
4th   Elaine Jubb    Standrise Girl       19.90
5th   Louise Ince    Decoymans Piper Edward   19.60   
6th   Linda Webster    Isabella Girl      19.60

Novice Freestyle          
1st    Tina Humphrey     Bluecroft Amazing Grace   24.55
2nd    Karen Sykes        Kingsfarm Spring Surprise    24.40
3rd    Lorraine Rohland  Moortime Moonbeam             22.30
4th    Diane Jones        Ivenz’s Little Dancet           22.25
5th    Carol Hamley       Carol’s Choc Chip Cookie      20.35
6th    Meryll Haigh    Trevellis True Promise   19.55

Sunday 22nd March 2015        
Starters HTM  
1st    Carole Thornley   Corndon Zoe At Aricia    19.65
2nd   Carol Belsten      Castlerose Thief Of Time  17.10
3rd   Jade Borrow       Wrecks It At Schmar Boor  16.05
4th    Caroline Morse   Lexi Gift Of Grace        15.70
Intermediate HTM
1st Kristine Hodgson  Detania Devine Charm  22.80
2nd Louise Ince         Decoymans Piper Edward 21.20
3rd Linda Webster     Isabella Girl  20.80
4th Erica Hyde         Delark Laurelin Quickstep 20.20
5th Iris Maxfield     Just Call Me Rolo    19.85
6th Martin Briggs    Wildsea Dash Of Hope   19.80   

Novice HTM    
1st   Karen Sykes  Kingsfarm Spring Surprise  24.80
2nd   Heather Smith  Dare To Be A Daniel    22.85
3rd   Gail Avery    Beach Bum Bertie    20.20
4th    Naomi Evans    Stillmoor Cloudy Sunset   19.90
5th   Marie Docherty Tri Cariad Pacha Belle Marin  19.85
6th    Lorraine Rohland   Moortime Moonbeam   19.75
Starters Freestyle
1st    Marian Green   Gaytonwood Dixie  24.15
2nd   Anita Scott     Shades Of Bright Starlight 24.05
3rd   Caroline Lea    Somanic Boogiwoogi At Tenterity 23.05
4th   Naomi Evans    Stillmoor Cloudy Sunset   21.55
5th   Betty Keepax   Danehaven Ellice   19.90
6th    Emma Yardley   Stillmoor Secret Wispa 19.35

Intermediate Freestyle
1st    Marie Docherty Tri Cariad Pacha Belle Merin    25.30
2nd    Karen Braden  Maisie Mae Blue Moon Dancer   23.00
3rd    Louice Ince   Decoymans Piper Edward     20.85
4th    Iris Maxfield  Just Call Me Rolo   20.40
5th    Nikki Maskell  Chaotic Dancer     20.30
6th    Barbara Bury   The Young Pretender  19.90

Novice Freestyle          
1st    Isa Randle   Jed Jess Lucky Born To Dance 25.90
2nd   Tina Humphrey  Bluecroft Amazing Grace   25.40
3rd    Tricia Hollingshead  Quizically Quiz       23.65
4th    Alison Wilde  Shemella Badgers Moon    20.40
5th    Maureen Heasman   Cappuccino Becky     19.65
6th    Lorraine Rohland    Moortime Moonbeam  18.10

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