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- by Paula Scattergood

Saturday, 12th April was a day a lot of people had been waiting for - the first Heelwork To Music Freestyle Competition held under the rules and regulations of The Kennel Club, and run by Rugby D.T.C. It was my first visit to this event and I was expecting some fantastic routines and a great day out, but, what I hadn't really considered was the whole atmosphere of the event which I can honestly say was BRILLIANT. As well as HTM competitors and enthusiasts, there were also lots of members of the general public and by watching their reaction, I'm sure they had a fantastic time too. The judging was very high tech. with each judge recording their own personal scores on a sheet and then writing the scores again on a small piece of paper which was then handed in and this in turn was printed onto a large screen for all to see. This added to the atmosphere as people eagerly waited to see the next score appear to see who was going to take the lead.

Starters Heelwork to Music had 19 entrants and got the event off to a very high standard. 1st was Neil Short with Cinnamon Flame his amazing Golden Retriever working to 'March to the Bridge over the River Kwai'. This routine was exceptional, brilliantly choreographed and very polished. 2nd another guy - Barry Bray with his Bearded Collie, Bramble Sweet Soul Lady, this pair boogied to 'Stepping Out With My Baby', again a very polished routine, a great pair of movers. I smiled all the way through this routine. 3rd June Britten with Meanphe Moonlight Mischief another great routine, 4th Diane Dickens with her Crossbreed Black Satin Beauty. 5th Helen Murphy with the lovely Deadshot Spellbinder, 6th Jill Davis with Stillmoor Russet Mist at Glidersway, 7th Carole Dodson handling Kamarda Doctor Foster, 8th Lynn Sullivan with Minnie the Moocher, a smashing little Glen of Imaal, 9th was Julie Collingwood with Kushti Collingwood Coppins (Dalmatian) 10th Joan Taylor with a gorgeous Min. Poodle Brenards Look an' Laughalot CDex, UDex. Overall a great starters class - well done all!!

Starters Freestyle (28 entrants)
1st Nicky Joyce with Busybug Marquisette, WSD, dancing to 'Pretty Woman' - what can I say - the cheers at the end nearly brought the house down!! 2nd David Moxon handling Belgareth Trianon's Dream, BC, boogied to Hooked on Country - very good. 3rd Louise Reynolds with Cockburn Fin, BC, brilliantly choreographed routine to 'Bad Guys'. 4th Jackie de Jong - Jackie's Jessie, a Crossbreed, gave a very slick performance which was appreciated by the audience, 5th Pat Arthurs - Xena Celtic Princess, WSD, 6th Margaret Reed with Watchwood Total Eclipse a smashing little Shetland Sheepdog, 7th Valerie Perkins with Woolstone Folly, Kelpie - most daring costume of the day - well done Valerie!!! 8th Barbara Davies with My First Flutter, WSD, 9th Maureen Jenkins with Jedroe Jinks, WSD, 10th Nina Gibson with Clarior Fagus an English Springer Spaniel.

Novice Heelwork to Music (6 entrants) A very close class with 6 excellent routines.
1st Heatherbelle Smithurst handling Dame Alanna B (WSD) dancing to an Elvis medley, brilliant routine. 2nd Ann DeRizzio with Stillmoor Touch of Spice, BC, great choreography and costume. 3rd Margaret Jessop with Katherenia Tazmin - super little Golden Retriever, 4th Jackie Reid handling Harry Humbug WSD, 5th Gina Pink handling Tai Kwon Do Racer, WSD, 6th Angela Bragg handling Joronic Tuesday, WSD.

Novice Freestyle (16 entrants)
1st Lesley Neville with Highlander Red Robbie CDEX, UDEX, WDEX, TDEX her Working Bearded Collie, dancing to 'Walking in the Rain/Walking in the Sunshine' excellent routine, fully appreciated by the crowd. 2nd Claudine Darlington with Coalway Just Jamie, BC, brilliant costume and routine. 3rd Michelle Mellor handling Topori Sticky Moments, WSD, dancing to 'Get Happy' - brilliant, certainly made the crowd happy! 4th Yvonne Robson with Glarus Classica Design, an American Cocker, to 'Sweet Charity'. 5th Lynda Edmondson handling Gimme a Buzz OW, BC, very well choreographed, 6th Linda Topliss handling Dark Warlord, Rottweiler 7th Jacqui Tarn - Lunarlite Kurrah Kracker, WSD.

Pat Richards with Ross
Winner of Intermediate Freestyle

Intermediate Heelwork to Music (5 entrants). Brilliant standard from all entrants.
1st Karen Sykes handling Iatka Spring Spangle, WSD, 'Hall of the Mountain King/Polovtsian Dances', fabulous routine and costume. 2nd Paula Ackary with Stillmoor Red Rustler, BC, 3rd Kay Laurence with Genabacab By Design, WSD, 4th Liz Cooke handling Genabacab Made in Heaven, WSD, 5th Ann DeRizzio with Genabacab Made for Life, WSD, dancing to 'Grease Lightnin'.

Intermediate Freestyle (5 entrants) Once more, an amazing standard from all entrants. 1st Pat Richards handling Red Hot Ross of Valgray, WSD - beautiful music and routine. 3rd Carol Mortimer with Zak Ziggs About a German Spitz, 4th Paula Ackary handling Stillmoor Dark Storm, BC, 5th Hetty van Hassel all the way from Holland handling Detania Rood Gyp, BC, working to 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone'.

Advanced Heelwork to Music - just 2 entrants but both totally amazing!!!
1st Margaret Jessop with Jessamar Bobby Dazzler (Golden Retriever) dancing to 'Overture to Carmen', 2nd Tina Humphrey with Bluecrofft My Blue Heaven, WSD, dancing to 'The Entertainer'. Both fabulous!!!!

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better we came to Advanced Freestyle, and 7 brilliant routines.
1st Mary Ray handling Ob. Ch. Woodsorrel Red Wine, BC, with the top score of the day - 28.40, dancing to 'Espana Cani', 2nd Richard Curtis handling Ayesharn Blue Jazz, BC, this version of 'My Old Man's a Dustman' had the audience giggling away, 3rd Tina Humphrey with Bluecrofft My Blue Heaven, WSD, dancing to 'Over The Rainbow' - breathtaking!! 4th Kath Hardman handling Copper Coin of Retcoll, WSD, dancing to 'Annen Polka' - brilliant. 5th Tina Humphrey with Bluecroft Love of My Life, a Crossbreed, 6th Karen Sykes handling After Lady Karen's Prozac, WSD,What can I say - all totally brilliant!!

What a fantastic day out.

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