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13th and 14th April 2013

Heelwork To Music/Canine Freestyle KC Registered Competition

Starters HTM

1st        Emily Crookes           Borderpride Love Actually
2nd        Wendy Allison          Pied Boy
3rd        Elaine Jubb              Standrise Girl
4th        Mary Stokes            Maximus Amicum
5th        Naomi Baggaley        Jacobrad Sunday Girl at Paulincuss
6th        Betty Keepax           Danehaven Ellice

Novice HTM

1st         Pamela Sullivan         Norden Lights Hawks
2nd        Janice Gibbons          Aritaur Aphrodite
3rd        Anne Shuker              Freckle Frenzy
4th        Coral Beardmore        Sultans Guide
5th        Jacquie Riddell          Ralph Schumaker
6th        Alison Sinclair          Barrabrae Misty Dancer of Siochail

Intermediate HTM

1st        Nicci Hindson         Ravestar Scarlet Dancer HTM N EX
2nd        Jackie Roberts       Rosmak Marmite Soldier
3rd        Jeanette Fyfe        Enlivya Angel Nathanael
4th        Carol Wattley        Mohnesee Rose Marie
5th        Angela Briggs         Wandering Coast to Coast
6th        Maggie Backhouse    Stillmoor Lily the Pink at Jessiebees

Advanced HTM       

1st         Karen Sykes     Iatka Spring Spangle
2nd        Ann DeRizzio    Stillmoor Show Stopper HTMAEx, FSAEx
3rd        Jenny Deakin     Shepwood Morning Sunrise
4th        Susan Dooney    Murphy Mischief HTM I EX, FS I EX
5th        Jeanette Fyfe      Rainscourt Z1 Folly      
6th        Pauline Goddard    Mist of Snowdon                    

Westglen Freestyle Results April 14th 2013

Starters FS

1st         Maureen Heasman               Cappucinno Becky
2nd        Chris Balwin                      If Only The Third
3rd        Carol Hamley                     Carols Ebony Princess
4th        Elaine Jubb                       Standrise Girl
5th        Coral Beardmore                My Fly Buddy
6th        Carole Hill                        Mirrwood Ziga (AK3)   

Novice FS

1st         Pamela Sullivan          Norden Lights Hawk
2nd        Nicci Hindson           Ravestar Scarlet Dancer HTM N EX
3rd        Heather Butler         Ellemillia Blue Poppy
4th        Pauline Peters          Benbela Disco Diva
5th        Mark Collins             Lady Blaze of Snowdonia
6th        Barbara Bury           The Young Pretender

Intermediate FS

1st         Caz Hore-Ruthven           Waggerland Master Biggins
2nd        Diane Jones                    Kenmilfore Aniseed
3rd        Andrea Rogers                Alvins Pride     
4th        Janice Gibbons               Aritaur Aphrodite
5th        Andrea Champ                 Sunshine In Happy Valley
6th        Hilary Astbury               Mr. Timothy Tearaway 

Advanced FS

1st         Ann Derizzio     Stillmoor Show Stopper HTMAEx, FSAEx
2nd        Anne Shuker      Splish Splash HTM A EX, FS A EX
3rd       Pauline Goddard         Mist of Snowdon
4th        Angela Briggs          Wandering Coast to Coast
5th        Valerie Perkins        Conor Cruise Control
6th        Valerie Perkins        Leonardo De Capriole          

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