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ALL ABOUT DOGS - CANINE FREESTYLE GB - 10th and 11th May 2003

In September 2003, we received a letter from Roy Dyer of The Essex Dog Display Team, asking what we could put together for the sport of heelwork to music to take place within the entire show called All About Dogs.

We were more than happy to arrange a two day show. The first day would be a judged event and the second, a Gala, where all the routines would be in random order of ability with - no judging, just for the pure pleasure of those taking part and those wishing to watch. Roy accepted our offer so the organising started.

Roy Dyer and his team, supplied a massive marquee for our club, cut the grass so that the working area resembled a snooker table, and made signs for the marquee. The rest was down to us to organise.

We arrived in Brentwood on Friday morning and started unpacking the van. We had made our first major purchase -in the form of fencing and as soon as it was decided where the ring would be - the fence was positioned. It looked very good indeed and provided a first class arena which was 20 metres by 14 metres, a fabulous size for inside a marquee.

During Friday afternoon the steering committee were busy decorating the marquee, putting out the seating or assisting those who had booked the very popular "Help Desk". Here we were able to help handlers motivate dogs, link moves, add start poses etc. and this was appreciated as none of those helping would be judging the following day.

Jackie clarke with Annie and Murphy

Saturday was a fabulous bright sunny day with quite a fresh breeze. We started the day at 9:15am and the last routine finished just before 5:30pm. During the lunch break we held "The Worlds Biggest Dance Lesson" showing handlers some basic moves followed by "The Worlds Biggest Dog Dance Group". This proved to be very popular with nearly 70 handlers plus their dogs taking part. Canine Freestyle GB would like to thank James Wellbeloved for sponsoring the entire day, providing massive bags of food for each class winner and numerous other goody bags. Rosettes were sponsored by Pat Richards for all those placed from 1st to 8th position and each entrant received a rosette sponsored by Mrs Peggie Allen. Many thanks to Pat and Peggie for their generosity. Each Class winner was presented with a beautiful oval silver salver and the winners of the Pairs class received two small circular silver salvers


Pat Richards with Willow and Ross

Sunday dawned, another bright sunny day with just a few showers which were quickly moved away by the breeze. Perfect conditions for our second day and a further 70 entries. We started the day with the "Virgins" class which was kindly sponsored by Len Pearce. Each entrant received a medal to commemorate their first time in the ring! The classes which followed were totally mixed - singles, pairs and groups. The public enjoyed watching all these different formations and mixing the abilities certainly works. Everyone was very happy to follow the pre-drawn running order and no-one worried about who they were following into the ring. There was a very happy atmosphere with plenty of help on hand for anyone needing it. Once again, the Main Ring was used for the Biggest Dance Lesson and Dance Group which was even more popular. All proceeds from the entries of the Biggest Dance Group are to be donated to Pro Dogs by Canine Freestyle GB. We then remained in the ring for a Down-a-Thon where 404 dogs took part - and not a grumble was heard!

Many thanks to all those who came and supported Canine Freestyle GB at this fabulous event. Thanks to the many entrants on both days. Thanks to Our Dogs who supported both days by advertising and promoting the event within their paper and by providing rosettes to everyone taking part in the Funday. Again, many thanks to James Wellbeloved for supplying food for everyone taking part. There were six Special Trophies donated by The Essex Dog Training Centre - thank you for those very pretty silver salvers.

To read more about this event - see the Canine Freestyle GB Members newsletter June 2003………………..


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