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CANINE FREESTYLE GB - 10th September 2005

HELD AT ... The Sports Connexion, Leamington Road, Ryton On Dunsmore, Coventry

In conjunction with North Derbyshire Dog Agility Club
(held under Kennel Club Rules and Regulations L)

Supported by JAMES WELLBELOVED, OUR DOGS and K9Magazine.com along with many sponsors of each class

THANK YOU to the following judges:
Margaret Booth, Martin Briggs, Jackie Clarke, Hannah Crook,
Lynn Crook, Christiaan de Jong, Jackie de Jong, Jeanette Maggs and David Moxon

The scores and places in BOLD are those who have now won out of that class.

Class 1 Starters Heelwork To Music
1st 24.0 Ken Sidaway with Westglen Cash,
2nd 23.5 Pauline Goddard with Snowdon Sally
3rd 21.7 Pat Parsons with Redcoat Spike
4th 20.0 Christine Bennett with Jenakir Go For Gold
5th 19.5 Louise Ince with Thurbajen’s I’m Spencer
6th 16.9 Pat Hibbs with Highfield Megan at Perlsgard
7th 16.8 Melanie Heaps with SternenIaenger Lawson
8th 15.6 Bill Anderson with Oddsock Laddie

Class 2 Novice Heelwork To Music Part 1
1st 25.0 Jill Davies with Stillmoor Russet Mist at Glidersway.
2nd 24.4 Connie Sellers with Our Beautiful Bella
3rd 23.9 Hannah Crook with Tripped Up And Over
4th 23.9 Lorraine Peace with Our Kind of Love
5th 23.5 Carol Wallace with Last of the Summer Wine
6th 22.9 Jeanette Maggs with Ben Boy
7th 22.3 Lynn Crook with The Stretch Lab
8th 21.1 Margaret Booth with Corsini Quinzano

Class 2 Novice Heelwork To Music Part 2
1st 26.0 Kath Hardman with September Spice
2nd 23.2 Paula Ackary with Stillmoor My Quest
3rd 23.0 Chris de Jong with Looking For Dorothy Mae
4th 21.8 Jill Davis with River at Glidersway
5th 21.8 Lynn Crook with Tenita Pixie Knight
6th 19.7 Helen Murphy with Deadshot Spellbinder

Class 3 Intermediate HTM
1st 26.0 Marleen Van Hees with Working Stock Adventure Gino
2nd 24.7 Kath Hardman with Reflexions of Ginger
3rd 24.4 Corinne Campagna with Cwm Cadno Tenderness
4th 24.4 Lynda Edmondson with Gimme a Buzz OW
5th 24.3 Jackie de Jong with Jackie’s Jessie
6th 23.7 Carole Dodson with Kamarda Doctor Foster
7th 23.6 Martin Briggs with Red Hot Parafanalia

Class 4 Advanced Heelwork To Music
1st 27.4 Karen Sykes with Iatka Spring Spangle
2nd 25.2 Ann De Rizzio with Stillmoor Touch Of Spice
3rd 24.5 Lesley Brocklehurst with Suford Wild Card
4th 23.7 Paula Ackary with Stillmoor Red Rustler
5th 23.6 Ann DeRizzio with Genabacab Made For Life

Class 5 Starters Freestyle
1st 23.5 Mary Muxworthy with Collywobble Celtic Harry
2nd 23.1 Chris de Jong with Looking For Dorothy Mae
3rd 23.0 Pauline Graystock with Powdermill Ace Touch
4th 22.4 Glory Lynham with Lady Magdelana of Warren
5th 22.2 Jenny Rothwell with Nidvale Magic Maid
6th 22.1 Angela Briggs with Whips Full Of Beans
7th 21.8 Vicki Price with Midnight Stroller
8th 21.7 Cathy Bates with Bertha Herb
9th 21.6 Sarah Reed with Seven Eleven
10th 21.3 Pauline Peters with Pale Rider

Class 6 Novice Freestyle Part 1
1st 27.0 Marleen Van Hees with Ximba von Vieraugler
2nd 25.1 Carol Wallace with Tilda the Terrible
3rd 24.0 Carole Dodson with Kinaway Doctor Watson
4th 23.3 Kerry Lancaster with Poppypickles Taverner
5th 23.2 Jackie Clarke with Chocolate Sensation
6th 22.9 Maureen Jenkins with Jedroe Jinks
7th 22.7 Jacqui Beale with Somanic White Fantasia
8th 22.1 Linda Glover with Forever in Blue Jeans

Class 6 Novice Freestyle Part 2
1st 23.9 Michelle Hubbard with Tumble Twist
2nd 23.1 Bill Anderson with Willvons Special
3rd 23.1 Carol Mortimer with Pennypot The Shadowman
4th 22.3 Audrey Tuck with Jacobean Jaunter
5th 22.2 Margaret Booth with Corsini Quinzano
6th 21.8 Joan Taylor with Brenard’s Look an’Laughalot CDex UDex,
7th 21.4 Vicky Brown with Hi Diddleydee
8th 20.6 Alan Eves with Jacklin Goldfinger Chez Debucher, Grand Bassett Griffon Vendeen

Class 6 Novice Freestyle Part 3
1st 25.2 Jackie Clarke with Cafcoll Brite Dreams
2nd 25.2 David Moxon with Belgarath Trianons Dream
3rd 22.2 Pat Arthurs with Xena Celtic Princess
5th 20.6 Carol Mortimer with Black Jade
4th 21.5 Lesley Caines with Augustine Dream Girl
6th 20.6 Karen Bartaby with Pandemonium Strikes Again

Class 7 Intermediate Freestyle
1st 24.6 Sue Betteridge with Corjon Annette
2nd 24.3 Kath Hardman with September Spice
3rd 23.9 Marleen Van Hees with Working Stock Adventure Gino
4th 23.6 Hannah Crook with Living On A Prayer
5th 21.2 Lynn Crook with Rune Magic
6th 21.1 Pauline Goddard with Snowdon Sally

Class 8 Advanced Freestyle
1st 26.6 Lesley Neville with Choxxstart Dream Angus CDex, UDex.
2nd 25.1 Pat Richards with Red Hot Ross of Valgray
3rd 24.8 Lesley Neville with Highlander Red Robbie CDex, Udex WDex TDex
4th 24.2 Pat Richards with Green Willow
5th 24.0 Karen Sykes with After Lady Karen’s Prozac
6th 22.7 Corinne Campagna with Cwm Cadno Tenderness

For details as to how to obtain a video of the event - see notes after report
and for previous shows scroll to the bottom of the page

Carol Mortimer (with the spitz) and Alan Eves videoed both days at Ryton. The videos are our usual amateur productions available on video or DVD. If you want a DVD it would help if you knew whether it was a plus (+) or minus (-) format. It is also available in NTSC format (America and some European).

VIDEO OF THE EVENT The cost is £12.50 per day for Britain and Ireland, this includes postage and packaging. If you need it posting abroad the cost is £15.00 per day. Please let us know which day if you only want one. Sat 10 September was the competition day and Sunday 11 September was the fun day.

Cheques made payable to D. A. Eves. Address is 2 Venom Road, Manby, Lincolnshire. LN11 8UE tel 01507 327612. e-mail carol.mortimer@btopenworld.com

The cost only just covers the making of the video/DVD, postage and a donation of £5 to the host club. (Alan and I go out for a drink on the total proceeds)

The reasons why we do it are three fold.

To give an archive record of past shows
To allow competitors to self assess their routines and look for improvement (speaking for ourselves this is very important).
To give those people who did not attend the show, especially starters, the opportunity to see the show routines and moves.

To find out more about joining - email cfgb@caninefreestylegb.com

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