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Ryton on Dunsmore 4th October 2003

Canine Freestyle GB
A Kennel Club Registered
Canine Freestyle & Heelwork To Music Competition
4th October 2003
KC Licence - Newark Dog Training Club

Anyone who has ever organised a show will know how much work is actually involved behind the scenes. When the event is as successful as the one held at Ryton-on-Dunsmore, all that hard work is definitely worthwhile!

Canine Freestyle GB is 1 year old and to mark their first birthday they held their first Kennel Club Registered Competition to coincide with the celebrations. CFGB have produced no less than 5 superb events in its first year alone and this, their 6th event was certainly the cherry on top of the cake!

The ring fencing looked terrific with the bunting strewn along its length and the hall was beautifully decorated with balloons and banners. Many comments were made concerning the professional look and the friendly atmosphere which the hall exuded.

A film company were present before the beginning of the competition - and they stayed to the end - busy recording the event from different angles and yet staying inobtrusive allowing everyone freedom to move around.

With well over 80 entries there was a packed programme to get through. The standard of all the classes is rising all the time and the competitors were brilliant, each one ready in turn to ensure that not a moment was lost. The judges were swift and sure in their deliberations, which helped to move the classes along.

Starters Heelwork to Music had 23 entries and over a dozen different breeds. The winner of this class was Lesley Neville & Highlander Red Robbie CDex, UDex, WDex, TDex. (Working Bearded Collie) dancing to “Grandfather Mountain & Capercaillie”. A stunning routine to lively Scottish music, beautifully performed by this happy team. Lesley setting the scene, dressed in a fabulous swinging kilt.

Class 1 Starters Heelwork to Music

Judges Alan Eves, Ann DeRizzio and Carol Mortimer

1st Lesley Neville with Highlander Red Robbie 26.35
2nd Lynn Crook with Rune Magic 25.30
3rd Jill Davis with Stillmoor Russett Mist at Glidersway 25.10
4th Margaret Booth with Corsini Quinzano 25.00
5th Dianne Dickens with Black Satin Beauty 25.00
6th Yvonne Robson with Glarus Classical Design 24.70

Starters Freestyle had a massive 25 entries with a great variety of different breeds. The team who came out on top were Maureen Jenkins and Jed Jedroe Jinks dancing to ”You’ll Be In My Heart”. Certainly a team to watch out for in the future

.Class 2 Starters Freestyle

Judges Paula Ackary, Lynn Crook and Yvonne Robson

1st Maureen Jenkins with Jed Jedroe Jinks 24.10
2nd Pat Arthurs with Xena Celtic Princess 23.90
3rd Valerie Perkins with Midnight Shadow Dancer 23.70
4th Maggie Backhouse with Fells Pepsi at Jessiebees (3) 23.60
5th Joan Taylor with Brenard’s Look an’ Laughalot 22.90
6th Maggie Backhouse with Fells Pepsi at Jessiebees (25) 22.90

Novice Heelwork to Music was an absolute joy to watch and produced a very popular win – Ann De Rizzio with Stillmoor Touch Of Spice dancing to “You’re Just In Love”. This place was very hotly contested by Ann’s former pairs partner, Barry Bray, who was just pipped at the post.

Class 3 Novice Heelwork to Music
Judges Margaret Booth, Claudine Darlington and Hetty van Hassel

1st Ann De Rizzio with Stillmoor Touch of Spice 24.20
2nd Barry Bray with Bramble Sweet Soul Lady 23.30
4 withdrew from this class

Novice Freestyle had a very good entry of 15 teams and was won by Karen Sykes and her WSD Iatka Spring Spangle dancing to “In these Shoes?” And the question on everyone’s lips was “How did she manage that in those shoes?” Manage is what she did! Karen dressed to stun in a black velvet dress with purple decoration – ever stylish with a sexy wiggle. A well deserved first place for Fly at just two years old and a win which was extremely popular with the audience.

Class 4. Novice Freestyle
Judges Margaret Booth, Claudine Darlington and Hetty van Hassel

1st Karen Sykes with Iatka Spring Spangle 27.60
2nd Lesley Neville with Choxxstart Dream Angus 26.60
3rd Pat Richards with Green Willow 26.40
4th Kathryn Hardman with September Spice 26.00
5th Jackie Clarke with Cafcoll Brite Dreams 24.40
6th Claire Medland with Just Jess Actually 23.20

Intermediate Heelwork to Music was won by Carol Wallace and her Jack Russell Tilda the Terrible dancing to “Happy Days Are Here Again”, and they certainly were for Carol.

Class 5. Intermediate Heelwork to Music
Judges Margaret Booth, Claudine Darlington and Jackie Clarke

1st Carole Wallace with Tilda the Terrible 27.20
2nd Ann De Rizzio with Genabacab Made for Life 26.10
3rd Trish Parsons with Monty Sprocket 23.60

Intermediate Freestyle was a stimulating class, the clear winner by 2.7 marks, was Lesley Neville and Highlander Red Robbie who picked up their second 1st place of the day dancing to “The Deadwood Stage”. Lesley wonderfully dressed for the part as Calamity Jane with Robbie riding shotgun. This team have come on in leaps and bounds over this last year, a well deserved win to take them into the Advanced class next time.

Class 6 Intermediate Freestyle
Judges Margaret Booth, Claudine Darlington and Jackie Clarke

1st Lesley Neville with Highlander Red Robbie 28.00
2nd Carol Mortimer with Zak Ziggs About 25.30
3rd Ann De Rizzio with Genabacab Made for Life 25.10
4th Paula Ackary with Stillmoor Dark Storm 24.70

Both of the advanced classes were of an incredible standard! As each team began their routine the hall was completely still as the audience were mesmerised by some of the best routines ever seen.

Advanced Heelwork to Music was won by the very talented Kath Hardman and her beautiful red WSD Copper Coin Of Retcoll dancing their new routine to “Mazurka from Coppelia”. Kath played the part of the life-sized doll that comes to life with Ginnie never putting a paw out of place. Worthy & admired winners! Only just beaten into 2nd place by 0.3 of a mark were Karen Sykes and Iatka Spring Spangle who performed their very popular “Hall of the Mountain King & Polovtsian Dances”, Fly and Karen (who was dressed in fur, breastplate and horns) moved as gracefully as always to this fabulous piece of music. 3rd Place was taken by Paula Ackary and Stillmoor Red Rustler with a superb routine to “You Blow My Mind”, Paula included so many variations of heelwork positions all carried out confidently by her lovely BC. Class 7 Advanced Heelwork to Music
Carol Mortimer, Claudine Darlington and Jackie Clarke

1st Kathryn Hardman with Copper Coin of Retcoll 27.90
2nd Karen Sykes with Iatka Spring Spangle 27.60
3rd Paula Ackary with Stillmoor Red Rustler 25.70

Advanced Freestyle was even more hotly contested with just 0.1 of a mark separating the first two places! In 1st place was Kath Hardman and Copper Coin Of Retcoll dancing to their well known ballet piece, “Annen Polka”. This routine is always mesmerising to watch! In 2nd place was Karen Sykes and her WSD After Lady Karen’s Prozac with their new and very polished routine “Be Our Guest!”. This was a real crowd pleaser with Karen and her partner, Kes producing a performance of exceptional standard. In 3rd place was Pat Richards with her WSD, Red Hot Ross Of Valgray performing their stunning routine to “Morning In Cornwall”. A beautifully controlled, precise and moving dance.

Class 8 Advanced Freestyle
Carol Mortimer, Claudine Darlington and Jackie Clarke

1st Kathryn Hardman with Copper Coin of Retcoll 28.50
2nd Karen Sykes with After Lady Karen’s Prozac 28.40
3rd Pat Richards with Red Hot Ross of Valgray 26.80

If this first year is anything to go by, Canine Freestyle GB are certainly the British Club to watch. Friendly and professional were two words often used this weekend. Words they should be proud of. Many thanks to all on the Committee who made it possible.

Thanks to Roger and Lesley Neville, Cynthia Pickering, Cheryl Bowler and Len Pearce who helped with support by donating rosettes and trophies. Thanks to all those who donated gifts for the raffle and massive thank you to James Wellbeloved for the food prizes. Thanks to Les Perry of www.Obedienceuk.co.uk for the presentation of photos on his “Out and About” page of his website. And coming soon - at www.actionshots-events.co.uk beautiful photos available for purchase through Richard's website

To read a full report of the competition and short review of everyone who entered along with lots more interesting articles, - see the next copy of

Canine Freestyle GB Newsletter. For more information email enquiries@caninefreestylegb.com.



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