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October 2014

Heelwork To Music/Canine Freestyle KC Registered Competition

        Results of Westglen Heelwork To Music Show October 25th 2014

Starters HTM
1st   Jackie Knight SpringScott  Santana Anna  21.4
2nd  Emma Yardley Stillmoor Flynnler Flyer    19.25
3rd   Amanda Jinks Stanguard Waltz Wizard    18.75
4th   Chris Baldwin If Only The Third     17.2
5th    Caroline Morse   Lexi Gift Of Grace  16.8
6th     Hilary Astbury   Norse Trouper 14.1

Novice HTM
1st   Heather Smith  Dare To Be A Daniel  23.55
2nd   Lesley Thompson  Killi Just Be Keebs    23.
3rd    Coral Beardmore   Sultans Guide    22.15
4th   Jackie De Jong   Jackie’s Diva Ziva  21.95
5th   Karen Sykes  Kingsfarm Spring Surprise 21.65
6th Marie Docherty Tricariad Pacha Belle Marie   HTM.St.Ex,Fs.N.Ex  21.4

Intermediate HTM          
1st  Andrea Rogers  Higglety Pigglety Goose  23.1
2nd  Iris Maxfield   Just Call Me Rolo   20.7  
3rd  Carole Wattley   Mohnesse Rose Marie    20.3  
4th  Mark Collins   Lady Blaze Of Snowdonia 20.25
5th  Dylan Smith  Corriedhu Chase  20.25
6th  Elaine Jubb  Standrise Girl  19.85

Advanced HTM
1st   Cathy Bates  Ruskath Lyrical Image 25.1
2nd   Chris De Jong  Jackie’s Indi  22.55
3rd  Lesley Neville  BrambledaleBlue Dewy  22.45
4th  Anne Shuker  Freckle Frenzy    22.25
5th   Mark Collins   Stillmoor Lapis Cloud Berry 21
6th  Penny Draper   Kinaway Miss Congeniality 20.8

Starters Freestyle
1st  Isa Randle Jeddess Lucky Born To Dance    26.45
2nd Sally Mackenzie Chilliwilli Hot Dawg    25.55
3rd  Claire Steventon  Stillmoor Lily Breeze  25.3
4th  Emma Yardley   Stillmoor Secret Wispa   19.8
5th  Lesley Thompson  Killi Just Be Keebs  19.45
6th  Carole Thornley  Ch Domburg Don’t Stop  17.6

Novice Freestyle
1st   Ashleigh Butler The Closet Monster Of Ashpen  23.15
2nd   Heather Smith   Yankee Dancing On Ice    22.2
3rd   Andrea Rogers  Higglety Pigglety Goose  21.15
4th   Jill Davis Rosmarinus Cinnabar At Glidersway HTM.I.Ex 20.85
5th  Karen Braden  Maisie May Blue Moon  Dancer 20.8
6th  Chris Baldwin  If Only The Third   19.65

Intermediate Freestyle 
1st  Dylan Smith   Corriedhu Chase  22.05
2nd   Mark Collins   Lady Blaze Of Snowdonia   20.35
3rd   Marie Docherty  Tri Cariad Pacha Belle Merin  20.15
4th    Helen Taylor  Bankshill lord Of The Rings Is Pure Pixie   20.05
5th   Iris Maxfield  Just Call Me Rolo  19.8
6th    Carol Mortimer   Kandex Dean Martin   18.7

Advanced Freestyle
1st    Sue Betteridge  Glenalpine Katie 27                           
2nd     Anne Shuker   Splish Splash   26.25
3rd    Christina Oxtoby   Legacy’s Eze Ezekiel 25.8
4th     Cathy Bates   Ruskath Lyrical Image  25.35
5th    Lesley Neville Brambledale Blue Dewy  24.8
6th    Ann Derizzio  Stillmoor Show Stopper 22.55

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