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The Westglen Show April 2012
HTM and Freestyle Competition
(held under Kennel Club Rules and Regulations L)

Starters HTM
1st Jackie Roberts Roshak Marmite Soldier 23.20
2nd Pamela Sullivan Norden Lights Hawk 23.07
3rd Miluse Vojtiskova Laughhing Lass 19.83
4th Claire Hitchins Eira Ddu 19.57
5th Margaret Reed Galvizach Xecutive 19.53
6th Jacqui Riddell Ralph Shuh-Macker 19.07
Novice Part 1 HTM
1st Jeanette Fyfe Enlivya Angel Nathaneal 23.7
2nd Diane Jones Tawnabawn Astrantia 21.20
3rd Alison Sinclair Barrabrae Misty Dancer  19.40
4th Martin Briggs Wildsea Dash of Hope 18.50
5th Jean Tomkinson Alexbria Giogio 17.63
6th Kathryn Death Brynmor of Brynddu 15.97
Novice Part 2 HTM
1st Carol Wattley Mohnesse Rose Marie 19.17
2nd Pamela Ruscoe Kilkenys Sassey Girl 18.07
3rd Pauline Goddard Brookside Jaz of Val Grey 18.07
4th Christina Oxtoby Legacys Ruach 18.07
5th Dawn Smith Meg of Dale Brook 17.83
6th Mark Collins Lady Blaze of Snowdonia 14.80
Intermediate HTM
1st Lucy Creek Harriot Skiffle King 26.43
2nd Lesley Brooklehurst Rehyrb Makhaya 23.80
3rd Angela Briggs Wandering Coast to Coast 23.63
4th Helen Dennis Goddess Spring of Jucando 22.30
5th Susan Doney Murphy Mischief 21.97
6th Diane Jones Toby Bourjon 19.23
Advanced HTM
1st Jenny Deakin Shepwood Morning Sunrise 26.60
2nd Heather Smith Moonlight Magic Dancer 25.37
3rd Annette Lowe Jucando Newsflash 25.37
4th Kath Hardman Stillmoor Lady in Red 24.87
5th Ann DeRizzio Stillmoor Show Stopper 24.43
6th Mary Muxworthy Collywobble Celtic Harry 24.30
Starters Freestyle
1st Jackie Roberts Rosmark Marmite Soldier 23.53
2nd Pat Williams Wumbly Bumbly Jador 21.20
3rd Shelia Kendrick Tithelea Last Crusade 20.67
4th Margaret Reed Galvizach Xecutive 18.10
5th Miluse Vojtiskova Laughing Lass 17.60
6th Bev Boughton Dobby Dances with Socks 14.43
Novice Freestyle Part 1
1st Pamela Ruscoe Kilkenys Sassy Girl 21.37
2nd Lucy Heath Tachnamadra Tartan Embers 19.63
3rd Pamela Ruscoe Cheeky Keeva of Kilkenny 19.20
4th Janice Gibbons Antaur Aphrodite 17.80
5th Barbara Herd Brambles Lady Mary 15.93
6th Jackie Riddell Ralph- Shuh- Macker 14.90
Novice Freestyle Part 2
1st Mary Ann Nester Bryning Vanquish 23.67
2nd Nicola Rendall Jack Flas of Heartside 19.83
3rd Vera Sermon Mister Tee Stockton 18.90
4th Pauline Goddard Brookside Jaz of Val Grey 18.40
5th Christina Oxtoby Legacys Ruach 18.20
6th Kristine Hodgson The Scorcerers Secret 17.97
Intermediate Freestyle
1st Lucy Heath Stillmoor Winter Sun 22.43
2nd Valerie Perkins Leonardo Da Capriole 20.77
3rd Sarah Baker The Golden Child 20.37
4th Vera Sermon Amie Stocktom 18.73
5th Helen Dennis Godess Spring of Jucando 18.67
6th Valerie Perkins Conor Cruise Control 18.00
Advanced Freestyle
1st Sue Betteridge Glenalpine Katie 27.07
2nd Kath Hardman September Spice 26.43
3rd Heather Smith Moonlight Magic Dancer 25.50
4th Cathy Bates Rusnsol Ruby 25.43
5th Lucy Creek Dialynne Making Waves 24.63
6th Richard Curtis Syka Delic Danser 24.57
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